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Data storytelling

Enthrall your audience in data-driven presentations

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At last a straightforward and life-changing tool!

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Public Speaking and Storytelling

Learning the secrets of a good presentation

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Assertiveness Training

How to communicate with professionalism and empathy

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The ABCs of effective communication

Skills training to enhance conversations

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Appraisal Conversations

Highlighting to work better

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Difficult conversations

How to communicate what is so hard to communicate


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I have a Degree in Communication Sciences and an MBA from the University of Buenos Aires. What I most enjoy doing at Clap is engaging with our clients’ needs, listening to people and coaching them in their quest towards innovative solutions. After working for 10 years at the University of San Andrés as Executive Programs Manager, I learned to have an in-depth insight into organizations, their transformation processes and also how to approach different industries and profiles. I am passionate about taking on team projects, building bonds of trust and creating new training solutions that empower people to leverage their learning on a day-to-day basis.



I have a University Degree in Educational Sciences and I am passionate about designing learning strategies. I thrive on listening and connecting with people. I love games of all sorts, playing them and also inventing them. What I have brought to Clap is my background in non-formal education and my expertise as a creator of non-traditional learning programs for different organizations. Prior to that, I had the opportunity to apply it as a pedagogical advisor and trainer at Santillana Publishing House. I love my work, I really have lots of fun doing it, I feel passionate about it and it challenges me to keep on learning and growing.